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Gail Pekelis

Adina has been a practicing occupational therapist for the past 13 years.  She is a graduate of the Occupational Science and Therapy program at the University of Southern California. 

Since graduating in 2002 she has gone on to work in the in-patient rehabilitation unit at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for nearly 10 years.  In the middle of her time at Children’s Hospital, she returned to school to further her studies. 

She attended New York University and graduated in 2007 with a Masters of Arts in their Post Professional Occupational Therapy Program. 

While in graduate school she worked at a private-practice and later at NYU’s RUSK Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine.  Adina is also a registered yoga teacher and integrates the sciences of both occupational therapy and yoga in her treatments.  All of her patients receive this melding in each session as Adina feels there is no separation between the two in her treatments. 

Her specialties include: rheumatic diseases, pain management and Myofascial release among others. Adina spends her free time practicing and teaching yoga, running, reading and enjoying nature.