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Alisha Tamburri, CCHT, MH

Alisha Tamburri has been teaching HypnoBirthing®, The Method to Ease Fear and Pain in Birthing, classes and providing hypnotherapy for couples and individuals at Women's Physical Therapy since 2004.

Alisha is a Clinical Hypnotherapist working with all issues, Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator specializing in HypnoBirthing®, HypnoFertility®, turning breech babies, lactation, pregnancy, anxiety, and Domestic Violence Counseling.

Alisha has over 25 years experience as a hypnotherapist helping people overcome medical, personal, career, and relationship issues.

She is passionate about assisting pregnant couples prepare for a calm, comfortable, easy pregnancy and birthing. Alisha herself experienced two drug free pain free births using hypnosis.

For more information please contact:
(818) 775-1868

HypnoBirthing class is 7:00 PM until 9:30 PM on Mondays.


For class cschedule please call:
(310) 273-0877.