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Services - Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Services - Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Women recovering from breast cancer surgery and treatment face many challenges; pain, movement limitations, fatigue, lymph edema and all of the emotional issues that arise when dealing with a serious illness.

At Women's Physical Therapy Rehabilitation, we offer a multi-faceted program to help women in their process of recovery.

WPTR addresses the problems that may occur. These issues include lymphedema, muscle pain and spasms in the shoulders, neck and upper back, decreased muscle strength, and decreased function in activities of daily living.

Lymphedema treatments include:

  • Manual lymph drainage massage.
  • Scar tissue Massage.
  • Fitting for Compression Sleeves.
  • Self Care Program.
  • Wrapping with special bandages and foam to maintain and further decrease edema.
  • Exercise to facilitate lymph flow.
  • Compression pump, if indicated, with medical necessity- only in conjunction with MLD.

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