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Services - Clogged Milk Ducts

Sometimes during the course of breastfeeding, you may experience a sore breast or notice a small lump on your breast that may be red or irritated and hurts when you touch it.

This lump may be the result of a clogged milk duct, which can happen if there’s an abrupt change in the feeding schedule, inadequate draining of the breast, not varying nursing positions, or wearing clothes or bras that are too tight.

An untreated plugged duct can quickly lead to a painful bacterial infection in the breast called "mastitis."

Our physical therapists have the tools to treat a wide range of women’s conditions including blocked milk ducts.

Physical therapy modalities such as therapeutic ultrasound and massage techniques can be effective and successful in clearing nursing mothers blocked milk ducts.

We offer a multi-faceted program to help women in their process of recovery.