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Cynthia Hilfman

Cindi moved from South Dakota to Los Angeles in 1994 after Graduating with a MS in Physical Therapy from The University of South Dakota.  She has worked for the Veterans Administration since 1996 specializing in Outpatient Orthopedics.  

She started specializing in golf performance in 2003 and was co-owner of Fitness Golfer in Playa Del Rey, which took her all over the world traveling extensively with touring golf pros from 2007 to 2010 when she underwent a kidney transplant.  She is a member of the sports section of the APTA.

When not analyzing golf swings, she enjoys being a groupie to her musician husband Greg.  UCLA calls him an “Everyday Hero” for donating the “love kidney” to her.  She is forever grateful to get to continue on this journey.  She is a proud mother to Michael and stepmother to Abe and Biba.