Women's Physical Therapy


Services - Pregnancy

Changes occurring to a woman’s body during the childbearing year challenge the stability and mobility of a woman’s physical structure. The changes may create pain and dysfunctions in the joints and muscles throughout the body, including the back, pelvis, trunk and rib cage.

WPTR has specialized in high-risk pregnancy for twenty years. The high-risk pregnant woman limited to bed-rest has special needs. The diagnoses often seen are pre-term labor, multiple gestation, incompetent cervix and placenta previa.

Women may be limited primarily to left side lying. The restrictions often create increased symptoms of muscle stiffness, hip and shoulder pain, low back pain and restless leg syndrome.

For a healthy pregnancy, we offer:

  • Pregnancy Massage.
  • Prenatal rehabilitative Pilates.
  • Aquatic exercise and therapy.
  • Specialized home obstetrical physical therapy for the high-risk pregnant woman limited to bed-rest status.

Post-partum physical therapy rehabilitation services include: