Women's Physical Therapy

Women's Physical Therapy Staff


Women's Physical Therapy Rehabilitation (WPTR) was opened in 1986 by Gail Pekelis, MA, PT, CLT in response to the inadequately addressed physical complaints that men and women experienced throughout their lives.

WPTR provides comprehensive, skilled and nurturing care to all of its patients in each facility.

Women’s PT supplies its clinical therapy staff with continuing education to ensure that their clinical skills are current with the most advanced and varied techniques in the field. In addition, each therapist is encouraged and supported in their training to pursue their own specialty interest in physical therapy.

Clients are scheduled on the hour for one-on-one physical therapy sessions with the therapist.

The WPTR staff works closely with each to help each client understand their insurance benefits and maximize reimbursement from their insurance company.

For those uninsured clients, WPTR works with the individual to achieve an affordable cash payment for their physical therapy services.